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Hi guys! This is gonna be the basics of how to enter into cybersecurity? I have seen many people stuck in the beginning and can’t move further because they don’t know where to start but the sad part is that they have forgotten to look into the first page of google.

The first page of Google search

Here we can see a lot of resources but I guess they shouldn’t have googled it. So let’s leave that aside and jump into where we can start from.

Okay! Let me break it up for you. Hacking is a skill you can’t learn by teaching it is a skill set that needs to self-developed so what you need to do is self-learning.

So, What you need to know before starting hacking? You just need to know how computer works and some basic computer knowledge. What??? Yes, it is enough if you know how it works you can break it.

So, What’s next? If you want to have a hands-on experience and want to know the basics of hacking I suggest you go with the book “The web application hacker’s handbook”.

The web application hacker’s handbook

This book would cover the most basics and you can’t become a hacker by just reading this book. You can learn some basics of how web apps work and how to break them. This would help you get into some vulnerabilities like SQLI, XSS, IDOR, and some common vulnerabilities.

Okay! This book would help but what else do you need?

Read blogs as much as possible. I would read nearly read 40–50 blogs daily. Start from 5 blogs a daily. Where to get blogs? I will share you some of the websites to read blogs.

Still, you can find more websites for reading blogs. Google daily and google will automatically suggest you more blogs regarding your daily needs. For example, Like this

Google Home Page on my mobile

I was looking for the transition of Apple products for the past month and have been looking about the share market and cryptocurrencies and my first page looks like this.

Learn how the computer works? How it communicates with other computers and how it processes the information? This is the most basic one.

Learn the concepts of networking. Learn about DNS, Subnetting, IP address, Protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, and so on.

Learn the fundamentals of Linux. Why Linux? Linux is faster than others and many applications support Linux and it is user-friendly. Most of the servers present here are based on Linux.

Learn about how data is encrypted? How the data is decrypted? Learn about cryptographic concepts. Know the difference between encoding and hashes. Hashes can’t be decrypted.

Learn how to use Wireshark? How to analyze a packet with Wireshark? What to do with packets and how to capture the packets and so on.

Learn how to use burp suite? Burp Suite is the most used tool for web application hacking. It will reduce more of your stress.

Finally, Where to practice hacking? Here are some of the labs for practicing hacking.

These are some of the basic labs to test your hacking skills.

If you want to find some awesome tools for hacking then browse through GitHub and find your needs. GitHub has numerous amounts of tools and resources for hacking. I will share some of my favorite resources for hacking.

Here you can find some of the awesome resources for pen-testing. You can still find more tools and books in Github if you search it right. Don’t hesitate to google the things you don’t know. Google literally has everything that you need to know. Google, google, google and learn things. This is all you know to get started on hacking. But this is just only a start you have still more to go! Start Googling to know more about it and Happy hacking :-)




Chapter head at OWASP Thoothukudi.

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Sudhakar Muthumani

Sudhakar Muthumani

Chapter head at OWASP Thoothukudi.

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